What If Corporations Sponsored Our National Parks?

It is going to be devastating to see pristine places like China Camp turn into ghost lands because of $22 million in budget cuts. 70 of California’s 279 state parks plan to shutter their restrooms and evict any longstanding tenants if the California State Parks Department can’t find partners and donors by July 2012. 

The State Parks had three primary goals for developing the closure methodology: To protect the most significant natural and cultural resources, maintain public access and revenue generation to the greatest extent possible, and protect closed parks so that they remain attractive and usable for potential partners. 

If corporations sponsored our national parks would chipmunks be downing petite cokes all day long? Maybe not. Putting regulations in place to prevent corporations from branding the landscape could be the only way to save our natural heritage. Pins below represent parks that will be closed to the public.

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